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Cryptocurrencies, just like all the other currencies, rely on people’s trust in their value. Bitcoin is the first and best known digital currency, currently valued at over PLN 13,000 (1 BTC). Although there are already about 1,800 other digital currencies, Bitcoin is considered the most transparent and valuable of all cryptocurrencies. In order to understand
 The first Bitcoin digged out from the abyss of the Internet in 2009 was the day when the first cryptocurrency saw the daylight. Today there are about 1800 of them. The adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing, the places where you can pay with them are growing dynamically, more and more countries are introducing digital currencies
More and more modern and comfortable payment methods grow by leaps and bounds. This is due to the dynamic development of the online transaction market, including m-commerce (sales via mobile devices). Online shoppers want them to be easy, convenient and also quick. In addition, the less information required to finalize payments, the better. Hence the
Banks, although launching Internet access to accounts, significantly facilitated the use of their services – they still did not give up time-consuming procedures. By creating an account, it’s hard to avoid waiting. Firstly – to deliver a contract by post. Then, after reading and signing it, for return of it and re-verification by the bank.