Choose the best option for your business!

Offer your servicesusing the Paymenticon system!
Make real-time cashless transactions,create a business wallet today!
Security like in a bank, less paperwork

Quick, non-cash transactions under your control

Lower fees

Use the Paymenticon wallet on terms negotiated specifically for your business.

Easier access to your services

After integration with Paymenticon, the customer logs in with the wallet data and can immediately use your services.

Non-cash money trading

Payments are made via the Paymenticon system. You decide whether and when to transfer money to a selected bank account.

Special offers for your clients

Owing to Paymenticon payment gateway, you can offer your clients additional bonuses.

More than a hundred methods of payment

More possibilities to top up the wallet means higher number of deposits for using your service.

Comprehensive solutions for you

With Paymenticon your clients have two options of payments:

Easy integration of the system with your business
A customer makes a deposit - transfer of funds from a client's wallet to your wallet.
Funds are immediately available - you can withdraw them or make a transfer.
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In our offer, we also have Terminals, through which your clients can make payments for the services offered by you. Check out the offer!