General information and opening a new account

1. What is Paymenticon? What does it offer?

Paymenticon is an easy to use electronic wallet, secured by a password. You can use the wallet without disclosing any financial or personal information. Paymenticon offers internal transfers between wallets and external transfers between your wallet and any bank. In addition to the possibility of online transfers, the wallet allows you to deposit and withdraw cash. Paymenticon also offers fast foreign transfers at favorable prices, topping up the phone and the opportunity to use it on our partners’ services, including LV BET Sportsbook.

2. What are the advantages of making transactions using Paymenticon?

Paymenticon can successfully replace your bank account. It's main advantages are quickness and security, guaranteed by the MFSA license. The convenience that distinguishes Paymenticon from other e-wallets is that it can be used at home as well as at stationary premises. You can create and register an account online or with our Partner. In these premises, you will also find a special Paymenticon Distributor Teller Machine (DTM) that allows you to deposit and withdraw cash. Paymenticon DTM network is constantly being expanded.

3. How can I open a new account?

To open a new account you have to visit one of our Distributors to receive an anonymous voucher or to become a registered client. Second option gives you much more freedom in use of our product. Please contact our Customer Service team to check out the closest Distributor's location.

You can also open a new account through our website Paymenticon.com. The only thing you have to do is enter your email address and secure your account with a password. Please remember that the password must contain a minimum of 8 characters. After clicking the activation link, sent to the email you provided during registration, your account will be activated. You will then be using an anonymous account.

4. Where can I find the nearest Paymenticon Distributor’s locations?

To find out the nearest Distributor’s locations, please contact our Customer Support Team, either by calling us on +356 203 41 506 or by sending us an email to [email protected]

5. Are there any fees associated with setting up an account in Paymenticon?

Paymenticon does not charge fees for creating an account, making deposits (except for the Trustly system), internal transfers between wallets, withdrawals by transfer to a national bank account and transfer of payments (phone top up, sports betting). For registered users, Paymenticon offers one free cash withdrawal per week. Each subsequent one is charged 1% of its value. If you do not use your account (ie. no transactions, deposits or other operations) for longer than 12 months, you will pay a fee of 5 Euro per month.

6. I can not log into my Paymenticon account using my personal code and PIN.

Earlier, both customers who registered at the stationary premises and via the website, logged into their Paymenticon account using a 12-digit personal code and PIN, but now logging in with a personal code and PIN is intended only for premises customers (at terminals). For online users, the only available option is to log in via email and password, which is a much more convenient solution. To log in to your account, go to Paymenticon, click on "Log in" and then click "Activate online access". Then scan your voucher with a camera, or manually rewrite your personal code, enter your PIN, and then accept the Terms & Conditions. The last step is to assign an individual e-mail address and password to your account, which you will be using during logging in to your wallet from now. Please remember that the password must contain min. 8 characters. You will receive an email message with an activation link, which you need to click on, to activate your online access.

7. What types of accounts does Paymenticon offer ?

Paymenticon offers 4 different types of accounts:

  • anonymous
  • limited
  • standard
  • enhanced

Thy all require different types of documents and have different money limits. To find out more, please get in touch with our Distributor at one of our sites.

8. What documents do I need to open a new account?

To get anonymous voucher you don’t need to present any document. If you would like to open a registered account you need to provide us your ID card or passport. Additionally such documents as: second ID document, document proving your current address and declaration of source of funds may be required by Distributor. In case of any doubts about the authenticity of your account, you may also be asked to send a photo showing you holding an identity document next to your face (you must be visible from the waist up, as well as the hand holding the document must be visible).

9. Can I open an account without giving my personal data (ID card etc.)?

Yes, you may obtain an anonymous voucher. Please note that use of anonymous voucher limits your e-money use capacities to €500 or its equivalent in other currency per year. To make transactions for amount higher than €500 you will need to open standard registered account or register your anonymous voucher.

10. How can I register my anonymous voucher?

In order to register an anonymous voucher you need to visit the nearest Distributors premises. You will be required to show your identity card. You can also register your anonymous wallet on our website. All you need to do is activate online access at Paymenticon. Then log in to your account and click on: "Register your wallet". In the next step, you will be asked to complete your personal data and send a scan of your identity document (identity card or passport). Please remember to provide us with both sides of the ID card. If only the first page is delivered, the registration of your wallet will not be successful.

11. Can someone else open an account by using my personal data (ID card etc.)?

Paymenticon account is strictly personal and has to be opened only by person who subsequently will use account.

12. What is the difference between Paymenticon account and bank account?

Paymenticon account is an e-money account that may be used to deposit or withdraw money and make transactions online. Paymenticon services are different than those of banks. We offer our customers anonymous limited accounts, nevertheless, we do not provide any investment services to Consumers.

13. How long does the registration and verification process of my Paymenticon account take?

The maximum verification time is 24 hours. However, it usually takes not longer than several minutes to complete verification process.

14. Can I register more than one account?

Paymenticon offers each Customer just one account.

15. What currencies are available in Paymenticon?

Currently available currencies are: EUR, PLN, RON and GBP.

16. Paymenticon refused me to open an account, why?

Paymenticon reserves the right to refuse to open a new account. This may be related to multitude of reasons which, in certain cases, we are legally prohibited to share with applicants. Should we be in a position to provide this information, we surely will, so that to enable you opening of an account with us. Thank you for your understanding.

17. Who qualifies as a "Politically Exposed Person" (PEP)?

The term "politically exposed persons" (PEP) is broad and generally includes all persons who fulfil a prominent public function. "Politically exposed persons" are:

a. Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers and Deputy and Assistant Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries;

b. Members of Parliament;

c. Members of the Courts or of other high-level judicial bodies whose decisions are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances;

d. Members of courts of auditors, Audit Committees or of the boards of central banks;

e. Ambassadors, charge d’affaires and other high ranking officers in the armed forces;

f. Members of the administration, management or boards of State-owned corporations; and where applicable, for the purposes of (a) to (e), shall include positions held at the Community or international level.

With respect to the term "Immediate family members" of PEPs, the term shall include:

a. the spouse, or any partner recognised by national law as equivalent to the spouse;

b. the children and their spouses or partners; and

c. the parents.

With respect to the term "persons known to be close associates":

a. a natural person known to have:

(1) joint beneficial ownership of a body corporate or any other form of legal arrangement;

(2) or any other close business relations with that PEP.

b. a natural person who has sole beneficial ownership of a body corporate or any other form of legal arrangement that is known to have been established for the benefit of that PEP.

My account

1. I have no available funds on my voucher even though I topped up my account.

Make sure you have received the upload receipt at DTM or from Distributor representative with confirmation that the transaction had been properly registered. If you have positive upload receipt, please contact the Distributor or Customer Service using Contact Form available on Paymenticon account after login. Please, indicate transaction number in the message. It will help us to track your transaction and resolve the issue.

2. I lost my voucher. What should I do?

As a registered account holder, visit the nearest Distributor premises, where you can re-issue your voucher upon proper identification. There is no possibility to re-issue the voucher for anonymous accounts.

3. How do I change my Paymenticon account PIN?

To change your account PIN you have to login to your online account at Paymenticon website. In the account settings choose the "Change PIN" option and fill in available form.

4. I forgot the PIN for my Paymenticon account. How can I retrieve it?

Please visit the nearest Distributor premises where you can retrieve the PIN for your registered account upon proper identification. You can also reset the PIN code by contacting Paymenticon Customer Service Department by calling +356 203 41 506.

5. I have entered an incorrect PIN 5 times. What should I do?

Five unsuccessful login attempts in a row, during the day, will block the PIN code. It will be automatically reactivated at 00:01 the next day. For earlier reactivation, contact the Paymenticon Customer Support by calling +356 203 41 506.

6. I forgot the password for my Paymenticon account. How can I recover it?

To reset the password, click on the button: "Forgot password?", visible under the login window. Then enter the email address assigned to your account and select an option: "Reset password". You will receive a reset link to the email address you provided. Please check your inbox and follow the instructions. If you can not find the message, check the spam folder. After clicking the link you will be prompted to enter a new password. Please also note that the reset link is active for 1 hour. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at [email protected] or call +48 42 203 10 20.

7. How can I top up/recharge my e-Wallet?

You can top up your electronic wallet by:

  1. Making a deposit in one of the DTMs (Distributor Teller Machine) available in our Distributor premises.
  2. .Transferring money directly from your bank account - the wallet transfer takes up to 2 working days. All you need to do is enter the account number assigned to your wallet, visible after selecting the option Deposit -> Bank Transfer. The cost of the transfer is calculated according to the payment table of the selected bank or post office.
  3. Making a deposit via eCard - it is immediate and free of charge. All you have to do is specify the amount of the transfer and then select the bank that offers financial services.
  4. Making a deposit via P24 - just like the eCard system, it is immediate and does not involve any fees. After specifying the amount of the transfer, you will be asked to select the bank which you have an account in. After correctly logging in to your bank and confirming the payment, the transaction will be credited to your wallet.
  5. Account transfer via the Trustly system - it allows payments and bank transfers in foreign currencies (PLN, GBP, EUR, RON) between clients and e-Partners in a safe, easy and fast way. A commission is charged for payments with the Trustly method. Payments and transfers via Trustly are made immediately, and the use of this system does not require users to be registered.

8. How can I withdraw funds from my electronic wallet?

You can withdraw funds available on your electronic wallet in one of the DTM's, or by a bank transfer. In order to withdraw funds, select the "Transfer" → "Bank Transfer" option on the main page. Then enter the account number and details about the recipient and confirm the payment with a password.

9. How can I check my account limits?

You can check the annual limits that have been imposed on your account by selecting the option: "Account limits" in the drop-down menu next to the name of your account. You will gain a view of the limits you have already used, and into still available limits.

10. My account has been closed. What happened?

In certain cases and for some important reasons Paymenticon may have to terminate the cooperation with you. The total of your money will be given you back via bank transfer to provided IBAN.

11. How can I check my account balance?

You have to log in to your online account at Paymenticon web page using your email address and password.

12. Where can I find my Manual number?

You can find your Manual number on your QR voucher or Smartcard.

voucher image

13. How do I close my Paymenticon account?

Please contact us using the Contact Form available on your Paymenticon account after logging in, or call Customer Support on +356 203 41 506. You can also send us an email to: [email protected].

14. My personal data (name, date of birth etc.) are registered incorrectly. What should I do?

Please contact us using the Contact Form available on Paymenticon account after login or visit nearest Distributor premises. You can also call Customer Support on +356 203 41 506 or send us an email to [email protected].


1. I cannot scan my voucher. What should I do?

Check whether the voucher is not creased and after straightening it, try to use it again. If the voucher is frayed or torn and some information on it is difficult to read you should replace it by printing or ordering a new voucher.

2. How can I order a new voucher?

Please, contact one of our Distributors in order to issue a new voucher. Contact our Customer Service team to check out the closest Distributor's location.

3. How can I cancel a payment that I have already sent?

If the payment is not accepted yet you should immediately contact Customer Service using Contact Form available on Paymenticon account after login. Nevertheless, according to our Terms & Conditions, you have to bear in mind that Paymenticon cannot guarantee that your payment will be cancelled. Moreover, it is not possible to cancel online payment which has been already completed.

4. Where can I pay using my Paymenticon E-Wallet?

You may use your e-Wallet for online payments by our Merchants. Please contact our Customer Service team to check out our Merchants list.

5. What is the commission for withdrawing money from the Paymenticon electronic wallet?

For registered Customers (standard account/limit account) Paymenticon offers one free withdrawal per week. Each subsequent withdrawal is charged 1% of its value. Withdrawal of money is subject to charge listed on our website in section Fees.

6. What is my outgoing transaction limit? Can I increase it?

For an anonymous account yearly transaction limit is €500. You may increase your upload capacities to €2500 by registering your anonymous account online or by one of our Distributors. To increase your transaction limits, you will be asked to provide some additional documents in order to upgrade your account to standard type.

7. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my Paymenticon e-Wallet?

When using an anonymous account, you can withdraw maximum €500 per year. Having a registered limited account the withdrawal amount is equal to €1000 per year. The maximum value of a daily withdrawal in cash (Over The Counter or from DTM at Distributor's premises) for a registered unlimited account per calendar day is equivalent to €5000. If you require a higher value withdrawal, you must inform the Distributor about the requested withdrawal value and currency and the Distributor will indicate the earliest withdrawal date of at most 2 working days after this notification.


1. What is the advised way to communicate with Paymenticon in a secure way?

Please use the Contact Form accessible after log in to your Paymenticon account. Please check that the URL contains a https:// prefix and a green padlock - only then the connection is secure. Any message on behalf of the Paymenticon via any other means, such as e-mail, which concerns the correct and secure use of the internet payment service, is not reliable.

2. How can I report suspicious incidents with regard to security?

You may report such incidents by using the Contact Form located at our website after you log in. Please report any (suspected) fraudulent payments, suspicious incidents or anomalies during the internet payment services session and/or possible social engineering attempts. You are obliged to report that according to Paymenticon Terms and Conditions.

Paymenticon will respond to such notifications by using Contact Form.

In case of notifications to the Customer about (potential) fraudulent transactions or their non-initiation, or in case of warning the customer about the occurrence of attacks (e.g. phishing e-mails), Paymenticon will also use the same channel.

3. How do I report potential fraud to Paymenticon?

If you see any suspicious activity you can report it using our Contact Form available on Paymenticon website after login. You may also contact one of our Distributors and report the fraud directly to them.

4. How do I know if an e-mail is really from Paymenticon?

For confidential communication, Paymenticon uses ONLY Contact Form to communicate with customers. If you receive an email in our name requesting any confidential information from you, please do not respond to it and report this directly to us.

5.How do I report a fake Paymenticon e-mail or website?

Please inform us about the suspicious e-mail or website by using the Contact Form available on Paymenticon website after logging in.

6. Can I block the account in case of stolen voucher?

In case of voucher’s theft immediately go to the nearest distributor’s premises. Registered accounts are protected with a PIN code. Please note, that you should not put your PIN on the voucher.