For Companies
  • security and swiftness of transactions for your clients
  • immediate booking of deposits for services and products on your account
  • enrichment of the offer for your clients by a new, safe online payment channel
  • your products and services available in more than a thousand terminals all over the country
  • an additional channel for customers to access to your goods and services
  • increase your revenue and clientele by making offers more attractive
  • additional promotion and the possibility of advertising on the terminals

How does it work?

Integration of the system with your shop
A customer makes a deposit - transfer of funds from a client's eWallet to your eWallet
Funds are immediately available - you can withdraw them or make a transfer


  • online shopping
  • top up a mobile phone
  • currency exchange
  • repayment of installment loan
  • bills payment
  • games and sports betting
  • fees for hotels, taxis, etc.
  • purchase of transport tickets
  • purchase of tickets for sporting events and other


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Hughes Hallet Street
SLM 3141, Malta
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