Paymenticon e-wallet – easy online transactions

If you’re looking for alternative online transaction methods, the e-wallet should be one of your first choices. However, if you’d also like to deposit money directly to your account – there’s only one choice. Paymenticon, a unique e-wallet which combines these two functions.

Paymenticon combines the advantages of both a bank account and an electronic wallet. Your deposits are as safe as in the case of a traditional bank account, but you won’t have to go through myriads of formalities in order to set up a Paymenticon account. With Paymenticon, your online transactions will become quick, easy and safe.

Paymenticon e-wallet – just like a bank account

An e-wallet is a great substitute for bank accounts or prepaid cards. Once you register, you can transfer money to other e-wallet users, and also to bank account owners. It’s possible thanks to a bank account number (IBAN) assigned to every e-wallet. With Paymenticon, you can also make foreign transfers, exchange currency at a favourable rate and take advantage of our partners’ offers.

Offline and online

In Paymenticon, we take care of your comfort – that is why you can access your e-wallet online and offline. You can create your online account anywhere, using any device with access to the Internet. Once you register, you can immediately wire money to your e-wallet by making a bank transfer or using a payment gateway, and move on to use Paymenticon’s functionalities. You can also use our network of distributor premises, where you can set up and register your e-wallet and withdraw or deposit money via special Paymenticon DTMs.

Quick log-in process

Once you set up and register your Paymenticon account, you’ll only need an e-mail address and a password created at registration. To log-in onto your account, you can also use a personal code or a QR code – all you have to do is to simply scan it with your web camera.

QR codes are issued at distributor premises – in a paper form or as SmartCards. You can also get your SmartCard at our distributor premises if you set up your online account earlier. In the case of QR codes, your deposits are protected by a PIN code.

Account without waiting

What makes the Paymenticon e-wallet unique is that you can quickly set up an account and avoid unnecessary formalities – account verification and activation usually does not take more than 15 minutes. What is more – you don’t have to sign a paper contract. Once you register your e-wallet, you can immediately obtain your Paymenticon SmartCard in the nearest distributor premises. Our SmartCards are issued right away, without any additional paperwork or undue delay. As opposed to other e-wallets, Paymenticon offers a network of special DTMs located in partner points, where you can deposit cash directly into your e-wallet.

Safe money

You can use the Paymenticon e-wallet under the Malta Financial Service Authority licence for transactions in the entire European Union. It also guarantees the safety of deposited money – all users of this licence are obliged to use certain protective measures, conduct regular audits and constant reporting. Under the licence, money is deposited on secured accounts – this means that, unlike in the case of banks, your money won’t circulate or be invested by e-money issuers, and you’ll be able to freely use the amount deposited in your e-wallet.

The portfolio of alternatives to traditional banking is constantly increasing. Paymenticon e-wallet definitely stands out among other solutions. See for yourself how you and your company can benefit from Paymenticon.

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The development of innovative payment systems has caused many active Internet users to use electronic money more eagerly. More electronic wallets are created to facilitate various types of online transactions. One of them is Paymenticon, which allows the exchange of cash to e-money. Digital money / e-money E-money is the electronic equivalent of what you